Great results from Bisley for ACT

The Imperial Meeting at Bisley for 2017 has come and gone, with many great memories and friendships forged through the meeting. The 148th Bisley Championship started wet (welcome to Bisley) and finished wet (don’t forget) however in between (except for wind) the temperature was much more pleasant than was happening in Canberra at the time.

Bisley needs to be experienced at least once and although quite different to our inline shooting, the atmosphere, happenings and social events are truly worth enjoying. For the newer shooter, the Bisley procedure, space and mounds present some challenges to overcome however ‘the Bisley Seasoned’ are more than prepared to offer advice. In the Queens Final, Graham and Piers were thankful for the support of club members Steve and Shaun with board duties on the 900yd and 1000yd ranges.

Congratulations go to our four representatives as members of the Australian team. Obviously the hours and effort put in with practice and fine tuning returned dividends, even if it’s not monetary. We only do it for enjoyment anyway! Although the team events were disappointing, Steve, Shaun, Piers and Graham achieved impressive results in the individual championship and will have their name engraved on some valued silverware trophies. Steve did get to keep his Kukri dagger for winning the Gurkha Appeal match so perhaps ask him about any custom stories. 

In a Summary of Results for the main matches:
Winners of a Queen’s Badge were Graham 33rd and Piers 61st
In the St George’s, Steve won the Bronze Cross for St Georges stage 1 and finished 6th in the final.
Grand Aggregate: Steve 37th, Shaun 69th, Piers 109, Graham 219

In other matches and Aggregates:
Steve won the: Gurkha Appeal (75.15) and received a very nice Kukri (check the photo Gallery). He also won the Donaldson aggregate and placed 2nd in the Athelings Centenary Aggregate and the Faunthorpe, and placed 3rd in the Pavey.
Shaun won the: Sudan and the Queen’s Consolation, and 
Graham won the Freddy Payne Memorial. 

It was a great effort by all and overall the complete Australian team did well with a number of the members picking up Queens badges, placings in the St George, Grand Aggregate and collecting prized trophies.

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More photos can be found on the “Australian Rifle Team – Bisley” facebook page –
Nominations for Bisley 2018 are now open on the NRAA wesbite – 
The closing date is Friday 1st September 2017 – It is a great experience and we would encourage anyone with aspirations to nominate, or why not just attend.
With Bisley complete we will turn our attention to those ACT members, part of the Australian team competing in the 2017 F-Class Championships in Canada