Two New Challenges

How about Field Class or Long Range Rimfire, both sanctioned events from the standard shooting rules, (SSR – chapter 17) of our parent body the National Rifle Association of Australia (NRAA).

A member of the committee (Stewie) has since February been trialling the field class discipline and those who have tried found it enjoyable and a challenge.

Field Class is based loosely on the service or military rifle match using conventional off-the-shelf bolt action hunting rifles up to 8mm calibre with a weight limit not exceeding 5.5kgs. Apart from a sling, no rests or supporting aids are allowed and magazines are permitted. The matches are fired over 100 to 300 metres and the same size target is used at all ranges.  At 100 metres the shooter stands unsupported. At 200 metres the shooter can choose between sitting or kneeling and at 300 metres the match is shot from the prone position.

The other challenge is Long Range rimfire, ie 22’s at 100 and 200m. Rimfire could be even more demanding than Centrefire with a very small target and a huge difference in ammo quality. Rifle grouping ability plus the huge effect of wind and gravity on the little 40grn projectile will make rimfire matches similar to what happens with a centerfire at 1000yds or more.

The events are each scheduled to happen six times in the 2018-19 shooting program commencing at 8am for an 8.30start on the last Saturday of alternative months. The first Field Class event is 28 July 2018 and first Long Range rimfire is 25 August 2018.

Why not accept the challenge and come along and try an event away from the traditional Full bore and F Class target shooting disciplines.