Range Standing Orders

These Range Standing Orders apply to ALL users of the McIntosh Rifle Range regardless of any other set of rules that may be relevant to their particular competitions and practices.

CRC competitions and practices are conducted in accordance with the Standard Shooting Rules issued by the NRAA.

SSR states “… (c) No competition shall take place except on an authorised Rifle Range.”  And SSRs’ definitions include that “Authorised Rifle Ranges are military, NRAA, State or Territory Association, District Association or Club ranges conforming to the standards of safety laid down from time to time and certified ‘approved’ by the Inspector of Rifle Ranges or relevant State or Territory Association.”

That is, having an authorised rifle range is a PRE-REQUISITE to competitions and practices, and these Range Standing Orders are critical to obtaining and retaining the required approvals for the McIntosh Rifle Range from the AFP in particular.

RANGE STANDING ORDERS 2016(cover only)

Table of Contents(pages 2-3)

Introduction(page 4)

PART 1:  All User Requirements – (pages 5-11)

PART 2:  Smallbore Range User Requirements – (pages 12-14)

PART 3:  Fullbore Range User Requirements – (pages 15-19)

PART 4:  25m Zero Range User Requirements – (page 20)

PART 5: 100m Bench Rest Range User Requirements – (page 21)

PART 6:  25m Pistol Range User Requirements – (page 22-23)

PART 7:  Enclosures – Separately Posted 1-7 below – (page 24)

1.       Hierarchy of Law and Policy Applicable to Range Standing Orders

2.       Property Identification Map of McIntosh Rifle Range

3.       Map of McIntosh Rifle Range Identifying Ranges

4.       Range Approvals – (please refer to the hardcopy versions of the RSOs available in the clubhouse)

5.       St Johns Ambulance Resuscitation Chart – (St Johns First Aid)

6.       WorkSafe ACT Reporting Requirements – (Worksafe ACT)

7.       Fullbore Range Template – (please refer to the hardcopy versions of the RSOs available in the clubhouse)