F – Class Success

Hot on the heels of our members results at Bisley comes more great results from Connaught in Canada where the 2017 F-Class World and National Championships have been held.

Firstly, Congratulations to the Australian F Class team winning F Open and placing 2nd in the F/TR division. It was a great result that featured three ACT members, Steve Sharp and Shane Dowling representatives of the Australian team in the world championships with Sharon Dowling joining them for the National Championships. 

Congratulations also to Rod Davies (Cessnock, Australia), a regular competitor here in Canberra who won the the individual World Championships (FCWC) F Open event

Many thanks to Steve and Shane for these photos, their report and summary which includes a link to full results. 

FCWC Bling

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‘Over 400 shooters participated from 12 counties. It was a pleasure to be part of a well prepared, well managed, world class team. F Class (F Open and F/TR) are well established in countries like the USA, Britain, Canada and South Africa and it is a credit to Australian F Class shooters that our teams were so successful.

The range at Connaught was a picture, with lush green grass, surrounded by forests and lakes. The flags can only be described as interesting but not particularly useful, being much smaller than ours, too few and suspended from thick, relatively short logs which often blocked the wind to a large degree. Frontal fish-tail conditions wrought havoc on several occasions with a murky sight picture when the wind was blowing off the lake. We were told by locals ‘never to shoot with a clear sight picture’ – how true this turned out to be! If you tried it (I did) you got a 2 every time.

In the FCWC F/TR Teams, we led for most of the event and were just beaten on the last stage when conditions, that were usually difficult at that time in the afternoon, calmed. We had already finished and the Americans waited, as they often do, to near the end of the stage and made the most of the calmer conditions.

We appreciate the generous sponsorship from: Nightforce, Bartlein and Berger.

Also thanks to Cabella in Ottawa for the help with sourcing equipment at short notice and the sunshades. Stittsville Rifle Range for practice and equipment checks before the big events.


F-Class National Championships (FCNC) F/TR – Individual
91st – Stephen Sharp
128th – Shane Dowling

FCNC – International match (composite F/TR and F-Open teams)
1st – Australian [Stephen Sharp shooter, Sharon Dowling Assistant Head Coach]

FCNC – LUM match
18th – F/TR Australia  [Shane Dowling shooter]

F-Class World Championships (FCWC) F Open Individual:
1st – Rod Davies (Cessnock, Australia)

70th – Stephen Sharp
158th – Shane Dowling

FCWC Teams:
In the world F-Class Teams matches Australia has had tremendous success:
1st – F-Open
2nd – F/TR (narrowly missing out on 1st place to the USA by 6 points)  [Stephen Sharp shooter]
Rutland Match F/TR team – 8th [Sharon Dowling shooter]
Shane Dowling was the manager for the teams.

Full Results are available at the following link http://www.dcra.ca/results/2017/CFRC/index.htm