2019-20 Championship

Club Championship for 2019-2020 will be progressively updated as the year proceeds


The new year commenced July 2019 and is updated as the year progresses.

… As at 7 April 2020 with the Range CLOSED due to Covid-19:

INDIVIDUAL Trophy Results 2019-20 Competition did not return prior to 30 Jun 20 so these are now the results.

00 Current Championship
  Results Summary 2019-20
100 (Double) Possibles
120 (Double) Possibles
  2019-2020 FO – FS – FTR
300m-900m Off Rifle Medals
Other Awards
  Jack Lloyd Memorial Handicap Trophy – (No Qualifiers)
  Maher Medal -TR - Not Competed
  Roberts Spoon (Handicap) 4 April 2020 at 500m – Cancelled
  Trophy-Handicap-Summary-Multi-Range-Club-Handicap-Championship - Brack

2019-20 General Information


Presentation Night
Friday, 21 September 2019 – 1800hrs – CRC BBQ

Social Dinner (in town):
Friday, 25 October 2019 – 1900hrs – Venue TBC

Shooting Times
A draw for shooting order will normally be conducted 10 minutes before the scheduled shooting time, which is 1330 hrs unless otherwise stated. 

If a decision to start shooting is delayed (e.g. by inclement weather) beyond one hour of the scheduled shooting time, then a practice shoot only may be held and no competition will be decided on such a day.

All club shoots, excluding service, field class and long range rimfire matches, are to be conducted on Electronic Targets in either A or B Block assuming that there is someone present who is familiar with the mandatory set up and put away protocols for those targets.

300m McIntosh Service shoots will be shot on Saturday afternoons on manual targets on the block next to the ones with the ETs being used. Participants must be at the draw given that competitor marking MAY be required.  Normal range fees will apply, though a free practice shoot on the ETs after the service is available.

Ad Hoc Range Use
Members wishing to use the range at other than the programmed dates and times must first obtain the Range Booking Manager’s approval.  Other users must have the Committee’s approval.

The Range Booking Manager will advise on what targets may or may not be used, and will resolve any booking clashes as they see fit.

Booking and range fees will be levied for every instance of ad hoc range use (including usage by members) in accordance with a schedule approved from time to time by the Committee.

It may also be necessary to obtain the approval of external authorities in order to meet conditions of the ACT Firearms Act and the Club’s tenure over the range and its danger zone. 

Range Standing Orders
All shooting on the range shall be conducted in accordance with the Range Standing Orders.  A copy is posted on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

In particular it states: “The firearm action can only be closed and/or cocked when the firearm is pointed directly at the target/butts from the firing point, and all shots are to be fired so that projectiles are safely captured by the relevant stop butt.”

All persons on the range are advised to wear hearing and eyesight protection at all times whilst shooting is in progress.

Danger Signs and Flags
No shooting may be conducted anywhere on the range, including the Zero Range, unless ALL danger signals have been deployed.  At the conclusion of shooting, these signals must be returned without fail to their allotted storage location.

Zero Range
The firing point is located on top of the mantlet at the North Eastern end of A Block.  All shots are to be fired into the stop butt. Any intending users of the zero range must arrive early enough to ensure they have vacated the area 60 minutes before the scheduled start of shooting.  This is when the butts area set up will start.  The Range Officer may request that the zero range be vacated at any time.

Firearms Licences
All members and users of the range may be required at any time to satisfy the Club that they hold a valid Firearms Licence as issued by the State or Territory in which they reside. 

This is especially the case when purchasing ammunition or ammunition components from the Club.  Consequently, you should carry your current Firearms Licence and your current NRAA Membership Card at all times. 

One of the conditions for the renewal of your Firearms Licence is that you can demonstrate actual use of your firearms.  In the context of target shooting, the basic test is firing a shot at an approved event conducted by an approved Club on at least four days per annum.

Prospective Members
A prospective member, even someone not in possession of a relevant Firearms Licence, may shoot a rifle under the supervision of an Authorised Instructor.

Although the Association has direct access to firearms safety courses which are accepted respectively in the ACT and NSW, it is often more expedient to approach a commercial supplier of such courses, e.g. SSAA ACT.

Authorised Instructors are appointed iaw with a scheme approved by the ACT Firearms Registrar / NSW Firearms Registry.

Programme Variations
The Committee reserves the right to alter the published programme for whatever reason.  A championship shoot cancelled for any reason (including inclement weather) will only be rescheduled if it is the second occasion of that particular distance being cancelled in the current season.  In that case the shoot will take place on the next available spare day or 900 metres day – the Roberts Spoon days are only to be used as a last resort.


General Principle
Subject to Committee discretion, an award will only be made where at least two members in the relevant discipline / grade / category have fully qualified for the relevant competition. 

Target Rifle Competitions – Off-Rifle
[1] OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP (DOUCH MEMORIAL), B GRADE CHAMPIONSHIP and C GRADE CHAMPIONSHIP – Aggregate of best TWO scores at each distance during the year, possible 1,200 points, from nominated shoots.

[2] UNDER 25 CHAMPIONSHIP will be awarded to the highest placed competitor in the OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP whose 25th birthday falls after the end of the shooting year (30th June).

[3] GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP – Aggregate of OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP score, plus best TWO of the CAMBRIDGE 900m scores, plus best TWO of the McINTOSH SERVICE SHIELD scores.

[4] ACTFBTR/VREEKAMP, HOWELL, THOMAS, MAHER and O’DONNELL MEDALS – Aggregate of best SINGLE score at each distance in the nominated shoots, possible 600. Medals for top scorers in each grade. The ACTFBTR/VREEKAMP medal series will be the best Aggregate of six scores in the twelve nominated shoots, possible 600 (ie best 300, best 400).

[5] H G McINTOSH SERVICE SHIELD – Aggregate of best THREE service scores during the year, possible 225.  Trophies for top scorers in A grade and B & C grade combined.

[6] CAMBRIDGE 900m – Aggregate of best THREE scores at 900m on the nominated days.  A single trophy for the top TR scorer regardless of grade.  Possible 300.

Target Rifle Handicap Competitions
[1] HANDICAP CHAMPIONSHIP (GORDON HAY MEMORIAL) – As for the OFF-RIFLE CHAMPIONSHIP, using handicap adjusted scores.

[2] BRACK and JACK LLOYD MEMORIAL TROPHIES – Aggregate of handicap adjusted scores at nominated shoots, possible 300.

[3] ROBERTS SPOONS – Awarded to top scorer, after handicap adjustment, for each of the nominated shoots.

Field Class and Long Range Rimfire
These events will be shot on paper targets and are programmed approximately one a month alternatively on a Saturday morning. Participants must be at the draw at 0800 hrs given that competitor marking WILL be required. To promote participation in these shoots a reduced range fee of $10.00 will apply if competing in the championship shoot in the afternoon, otherwise standard fees apply. Trophies TBA.

F Class Competitions – Off-Rifle
F/TR, F Standard and F Open as defined by SSRs.

                  F/TR – WIGNEY

                  FS – CHARLTON

                  FO – GRUNDY

[2] ACTFBTR MEDAL SERIES – as per TR. Medals for F/TR, FS and FO.

[3] H G McINTOSH SERVICE SHIELD – as per TR.  Trophies for FS and FO & F/TR combined.

[4] TRINDALL 900m – as per CAMBRIDGE 900m in TR.  Trophies for both FS and FO

Range Medals – Off-Rifle
Aggregate of best THREE scores at the nominated distance during the year. 

300 TR   ROBINSON                         FS/FO – 2/30thBTTN
500 TR   CHALLEN          FS/FO – REID
600 TR   FOX                   FS/FO – CORELLA
700 TR   GRIBBLE           FS/FO – CLIFFORD
800 TR  NEGUS               FS/FO – CLIFFORD

Special Trophies
[1] CRC “100” and CRC “120” – Awarded to each member recording at least one double possible under Target Rifle and F Class conditions respectively in any one year. The number achieved to be acknowledged on award.

[2] TARGET RIFLE 10 “V” POSSIBLE; F STD 120 DOUBLE POSSIBLE – Gold medal for the first such possible in any one year, bronze medal for each such possible thereafter.

[3] TARGET RIFLE SERVICE POSSIBLE – Gold medal for the first such possible in any one year, bronze medal for each such possible thereafter.

Mid-Week and Sunday Morning Shoots
Several Mid-week shoots have been programmed for approximately the last Wednesday of the month from 1700 hrs during Daylight Savings (1600 hrs during April), or from 0700 in the height of summer. These have notionally been programmed for 600m, however will be subject to decision at the time of shooting. A minimum of four (4) members are required to be present with a Range Officer to conduct the shoot. Normal range fees will apply. Mid-week shoots may be varied to accommodate access to the range for the Chief Custodian, Target Custodians or other ad hoc range bookings.

Several 900m Shoots have been programmed on Sunday mornings following 800m. As above, a minimum of four (4) members are required to be present. Normal range fees will apply.