1000yd Event Cancelled

Priority on restoration of the target mantlet means the 1000yd Benchrest match scheduled for 27 May has been CANCELLED.

After a successful A block restoration last Sunday the plan was to complete B block on the next day equipment and operator are available which has coincided with this event. 

Apologies for any inconvenience however it is better to have a range that complies than no range at all.

Appreciation to those members who attended on Sunday and especially Stuart and Woody for their effort in making it happen. Next is the greenery!


National Come & Try May

Come & Try May
Date: 19 May
Time: 9.00AM and 11.00AM

This is an event that is being coordinated by Shooting Australia to promote the various shooting disciplines of shooting sports across Australia.

ACT Full Bore Target Rifle (ACTFBTR) will be involved and it represents an excellent opportunity to come along, introduce a friend, colleague or a family member to fullbore target shooting.

‘Come and try May’ has all the information about this Shooting Australia initiative to grow our sport.