National Teams report


The Bruce White 300m Team


… and their score board

The ACT Target Rifle team performed very well in the recent National Teams Championships held in Sydney.

We went into the matches with a goal of a top 3 finish, and performed above expectations by securing three third place results.

Competing against the dominant powerhouse states of NSW, Queensland and Victoria, as well as South Australia, NT and NQ,  the ACT teams consistency in challenging the top teams was certainly noticed. There were more than a few worried looks over shoulders towards the ACT target.

There were many fine individual performances, with several members contributing selflessly by carrying out different roles as Match Captains, plotters, wind coaches and scorers.


ACT results for the National Teams event in Sydney

I would like to thank the team members for their dedication in preparing so diligently and I’m glad that we all had a successful and enjoyable Teams Championships.
Stephen Negus
Team Captain

Full results and team placing can be seen on the NRAA web site at Team results