50 year celebration

Why not join us at the
ACT Championships 13-17 November 2019 and celebrate our 50th year on the MacIntosh range.

There are great prizes from our sponsors and mementos to be given away. Don’t forget that the early bird entries close 31 October 2019 so take advantage of the saving.

An Anniversary to Celebrate
Courtesy of our Vice President 
The Rev Dr Peter Grundy ….

The Canberra Rifle Club, established from 1914, began a program of shooting at Duntroon.  Initially, the Club was not to remain at Duntroon for long: during 1915 a new range (1000 yard) was completed at what is now known as Black Mountain Peninsula.  In consideration of safety issues, however, in 1925 the Army closed the Black Mountain Range, and the Club returned to the (900 yard) Duntroon Range.

At the Club’s AGM in 1963, the annual report confirmed that the Duntroon Range was inadequate and that a new rifle range site was being sought.  Indeed, following safety concerns, from 1962 the Duntroon Range had been open only under strict conditions.  Those safety concerns prompted the Army to close the Range and the last match was held on Sunday 28 January 1968.

By this stage, however, planning was well advanced for a new Club range in the Majura district.  While the site was a bare paddock in early 1968, the McIntosh Range was constructed by Club members in voluntary cooperation over a period of only fourteen months.  So, on 14 August 1969 the Inspector of Rifle Ranges, Colonel P J Greville, certified to the Club that the range had been inspected that day and that it was now safe for the firing of .303inch and 7.62mm rounds.

The new McIntosh Range at Majura was subsequently commissioned on 11 September 1969.  Mr James R Fraser MHR was Club President and the Range was officially opened by Mr R Kingsland on behalf of the Minister for the Interior, the Hon Peter J Nixon MHR.  (Notably, Mr Nixon had presented the trophies for the final match at Duntroon in 1968.)  It is with considerable satisfaction, then, that the Range on which we compete for the 2019 Queen’s Prize celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Importantly, the club honours all of the members who have worked tirelessly to build the Range and facilities.  We are most grateful for their contribution, which has gone beyond construction of the Range.  For instance, when Peter Robinson was Club Captain, many members participated in the cleaning of some 40,000 second-hand bricks that had been acquired following the demolition of the Wellington Hotel.  Under the direction of Jim Reid, those bricks were used to construct the Clubhouse.  Reid House, named in honour of Jim, was opened in February 1988 by Senator the Hon Margaret Reid, Patron of the Club.

So, well-deserved congratulations to the Club on this 50th anniversary of the McIntosh Range and the ongoing development of the Range facilities.