2014-15 Club Results

Full Programme and Conditions 2014-15 (PDF) can be downloaded and printed

Please become familiar with the General Information and Conditions of Competitions associated with the programme on the web site and on the notice board.

Date DistanceMatch of the Day
5July14Championship300 AACTFBTR/Vreekamp Medals
12July14Championship400 AACTFBTR/Vreekamp Medals
19 July 14Working Bee - 9am start
19July14Championship500 AACTFBTR/Vreekamp Medals
26July14Championship600 AACTFBTR/Vreekamp Medals
27 July 141,000yds Benchrest Match
1August14Presentation Night for 2013-2014Presentation Night photos
2August14Grand Aggregate300 AMcIntosh Service
9 August 14Working Bee - 9am start
9August14Championship700 AACTFBTR/Vreekamp Medals
16August14600 ARoberts Spoon - QRA Queens
23August14Championship800 AACTFBTR/Vreekamp Medals
24 August 14TEAM EVENTtbaProgram to be advised (May move)
30August143/6/7/8ACTFBTR Champion of Champions - 10am start
30August14900 ACambridge (TR) and Trindall (FS) Aggregates
6 Sept 14Championship300 AHowell Medal
13 Sept 14500 ARoberts Spoon - NSWRA Queens
20 Sept 14Championship400 AHowell Medal
27 Sept 14900 ACambridge (TR) and Trindall (FS) Aggregates - WARA Queens
28 September 141,000yds Benchrest Match
4 October 14600 ARoberts Spoon - SARA Queens
11 October 14Championship500 AHowell Medal
18 October 14Championship600 AHowell Medal
19 October 14CANCELLEDWorking Bee all day - 9am start
25 October 14Grand Aggregate300 AMcIntosh Service
1 Nov 14Championship700 AHowell Medal
2 November 14TEAM EVENTTiverton Cup Practice
8 November 14Working Bee - 9am start - Beyond 300 metres
8 November 14CANCELLEDISSF 300m Championship No1 - (tbc) 8am
8 Nov 14Championship800 AHowell Medal
9 November 14CANCELLEDISSF 300m Championship No2 - (tbc) 8am
9 November 14303 Remembrance Day - Noon start
12-13 November 14Bungendore R.A. Rolph Series
14November 14600 ATiverton Cup Teams - State Composites
14-16 November 14ACT Queen's Prize Series
17-18 November 14Veterans State Teams Matches
22 November14900 ACambridge (TR) and Trindall (FS) Aggregates
23 November 141,000yds Benchrest Match
29 November14Championship300 AThomas Medal
6 December 14
Washed Out - Rescheduled for 20 December14
Championship400 AThomas Medal
Washed Out - Rescheduled for 20 December14
13 December 14Championship500 AThomas Medal & Xmas BBQ at 5pm
20 December 14400 AThomas Medal
Rescheduled from 6 December14
27 December 14
600 A
3January15Championship600 AThomas Medal
10 January 15 Washed Out - Rescheduled for 24 January15Championship700 AThomas Medal
Washed Out - Rescheduled for 24 January15
17January15Championship800 AThomas Medal
24January15700 AThomas Medal
Rescheduled from 10 January15 - Also Long Weekend - MDRA Shoot
31January15Championship300 AMaher Medal
7 February15
Championship400 AMaher Medal
14 February15Championship500 AMaher Medal
21February15Championship600 AMaher Medal
28 February 15Working Bee - 9am start
28February15Grand Aggregate300 AMcIntosh Service
1 March 15TEAM EVENT800 and 900
7March15900 ARoberts Spoon - TRA Queens
8 March 151,000yds Benchrest Match - Long Weekend
14March15Championship700 AMaher Medal
21March15Championship800 AMaher Medal
28March15900 ACambridge (TR) and Trindall (FS) Aggregates Also Goulburn's 150th Anniversary shoot
4April15600 ASpare Day - ACTFBTR Easter Egg Shoot
11April15Championship300 AO'Donnell Medal
18April15600 ARoberts Spoon - VRA Queens (tbc)
25April15Grand Aggregate300 AMcIntosh Service
26 April 15Gallipoli Landing Centenary Event
2 May 15Working Bee - 9am start
2May15Championship400 AO'Donnell Medal
9May15Championship500 AO'Donnell Medal
16May15Championship600 AO'Donnell Medal
23May15Championship700 AO'Donnell Medal
30May15900 ACambridge (TR) and Trindall (FS) Aggregates
31 May 151,000yds Benchrest Match
6June15500 ASpare Day - Queen's Birthday
13June15Championship800 AO'Donnell Medal
20June15900 ACambridge (TR) and Trindall (FS) Aggregates - NRAA Queens (tbc)
27 June 15Annual General Meeting - 2.30pm Start (No Shoot)
28 June 15Optional Sunday Turkey Shoot