Local Rules & Guidelines

Competition in Canberra Rifle Club complies with the NRAA Standard Shooting Rules and FT/R Rules HOWEVER there are some LOCAL RULES and guidelines to be noted for:

1. Manual for – eTarget Range Set Up Steps (pdf) – (currently being reviewed)

2. CRC Membership Application – download, complete the interactive form, use the ‘Submit’ button to email to the club, alternatively save and attach to your own email.

3. Using the ZERO Range (currently being reviewed)

4. Target Marking

5. Information for the McIntosh Service Shoot – (currently being reviewed)

6. the Club Evacuation Plan (currently being reviewed)

7. the Smoke Free Zone (currently being reviewed)

8. Work Health and Safety

9. Safe Work Procedures

10. Snakes

and no doubt there will be more BUTT AIM to ‘Enjoy your Shooting’