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8. Geoff Ayling articles:

Geoff Ayling
(Courtsey: Tasmanian Government
Department of Premier and Cabinet)
‘His great shooting career was capped early when, in 1979, he became a Member of the Order of Australia which was awarded in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the sport of full bore target shooting’. (Read More)

  1. A Logical Sequence for Teaching Rifle Shooting to a Learner
  2. Prioritised Difficulties, Shot Patterns and Cures
  3. Effects of Trigger Release on a Group
  4. A subtle way numerous rifle shooters have for decades lost
    their natural point of aim
  5. Single- and double-point slings, recoil through the hands,
    natural point of aim
  6. Shooting with automated action (or shooting in the zone)
  7. Change of the natural point of aim due to a gap between butt plate and
  8. Reducing TR and F Class groups through the trigger-release technique
  9. Group size, trigger release, speed of shooting and rhythm
  10. The sling that hurts the forward hand
  11. Wind Reading 101

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