ACT Championship Photos

See a collection of photos from the ACT Championships

2019 Championship photos


1.  Select the desired photo from the panel on the left of screen.

2.  A larger version of that image then appears on the right of screen.

3.  Below that larger version is a little down-arrow icon.


4.  Press that and the image will download.

Note:  DO NOT use the ‘Download All’ option as it results in a zip file containing all the pictures in the gallery – with over 200 pictures the file will be unmanageable.

2019 Championship photos – (Photographer Donna Negus)

2018 Championship photos – (Photographer Jim Clifford)

2017 Championship photos – (Photographer Bill MacFarlane)

2016 Championship photos – (Photographer Jim Clifford)

2015 Championship photos – (Photographer Jim Clifford)