ACT Championships


The Canberra Rifle Club would like to thanks the following sponsors who contribute to the success of our ACT Queens.

Major Sponsor

HARDY BARRELS from New Zealand:
Hardy Rifle Engineering have spent a significant amount of time and resource on the research, development and testing of their match grade barrels to produce a barrel of world class quality.

Group Solutions and Corella who have enabled the HARDY BARREL sponsorship will be able to assist with your enquiries.

Supporting Sponsors

  • Target Rifle A Grade –  Electarget – Agents for Kongsberg Electronic Targets 
  • Target Rifle B Grade – The Maher’s and the Negus’s
  • Target Rifle C Grade – One Off Precision Engineering
  • F Standard A – Malcolm Challen and Rae Foot
  • F Standard B – David Higgins and Dennis Formiatti
  • F / TR – Cedric May and Stephen Sharp
  • F Open – The Dovey Family

Other Sponsors

 Group Solutions

  • David Duprez of Corella
  • Graham Aitchison
  • Chris Bourke
  • Robert Courtney
  • Helen Gilbert
  • The McIntosh’s
  • Jim Reid
  • Peter Robinson

Supported by: