Firearms Licencing

The ACT Firearms Registry is responsible for ensuring compliance with the ACT firearms legislation as well as the ACT prohibited weapons and articles legislation.

Further information is available at:

To obtain a firearms licence or permit, the applicant must complete the relevant forms available on the website and submit it to the ACT Firearms Registry.

Active participation in an approved target shooting club such as ours is a genuine reason for obtaining a firearms licence. There are other genuine reasons that do not necessarily involve membership of a club.

If your interest is primarily to prepare for hunting or vermin control activities then our neighbour the SSAA is probably the place to start (Safety Course).

Each of the approved target shooting clubs in the ACT, including the SSAA, specialise in particular target shooting disciplines and it would pay to research these options first. All of these clubs would require a member to obtain a suitable firearms licence or permit as a condition of ongoing membership.

However, it is not necessary to have a licence or permit just to have a go at the target shooting disciplines that our club specialises in – for more information (contact).