Preliminary Information for Interested Persons

What is full bore target rifle?

We use specialised single shot target rifles to compete for points, usually as individuals, over distances ranging from 300m (bullseye 140 mm) to 900m (bullseye 510 mm).  The calibres of these rifles are usually either .223” or .308” and the projectiles that must be used are from a restricted set.

We have two principal disciplines.  60% of our people compete in “Target Rifle”, which involves the use of aperture iron sights.  You hold the rifle off your elbows with the assistance of a leather sling and padded clothing.  40% of our people compete in “F Class”, which involves the use of telescopic sights and a bipod and/or other rests to take all of the rifle’s weight.

You can get a feel for Target Rifle by clicking the demonstration video link at the following web site, which promotes a particular brand of e-targets:  We have been using this e-target system since February 2014.  Beginners are introduced to the sport on manually operated targets so as to protect the expensive components of our e-targets from unsteady shots.

What don’t we do?

We do not cater for groups – commercial paintball operators are the go for that – the introductory events are only for individuals who are considering taking up our sport – and we are not into:

Our neighbour the SSAA caters for a wide range of disciplines – contact them at

Other contact points may be found by exploring the Recreation and Clubs web site at:

How do I book my first introductory event, and what’s involved?

If after reading this document you wish to register for an initial introduction to full bore target rifle then you can do so by email to the Coordinator: (Contact)

We will then negotiate a mutually acceptable date and time.  It will most likely be on a Saturday afternoon.  Subsequent visits must be similarly negotiated as our capacity to provide the one on one supervision and the equipment required is limited, and subsequent visits are only available on certain Saturdays.

Please do not assume that you have a slot within an event until it is confirmed by the Coordinator.

At your first introductory event you will likely have a go at F Class, which is relatively straight forward compared to Target Rifle. You will be invited to try Target Rifle on a second visit.

For directions as to where our range is located: click the About Us tab on our web site.

You do not need a firearm’s licence or permit to have a go.  Please do not bring any firearms or ammunition – we will provide these. Wear sturdy clothing and shoes (including a long sleeve top) that can get slightly dirty.  Do bring ear plugs, ear muffs, and a small camp stool if you have them.  The minimum age for participation is 12 years. You will fire one stage of 2 sighters and 10 shots to count. You will be charged $20 for each of the introductory events available to you. 

At your first visit make sure that you obtain a copy of the FAQ's sheet.  General queries may be directed in the first instance to: (Contact)