NRAA Ladies State Teams

14th November 2016
Ladies Teams 2016

A challenging day for ladies competing on the first day of the NRAA Ladies State Teams matches being held in Canberra.


Although the range looked a picture the day presented some trying times for coaches and shooters. A little rain, throw in a some hail, mix it up with blustry winds and the ladies had a master chef recipe of conditions.

The morning practice trying enough but back to 800 and then the 900m Presidents Match, wow! ….  admire the ladies talents in these conditions.

Congratulations to the NSW team winning the Presidents match (15 shots at 900m) with a score of 315.17 from QLD on 308.12. Full scores are below and you can see the winning team on the ACT Rifle Championship facebook page.

Presidents Match



Liz Colquitt and Sharyn Dowling, members of the ACT Team

The second day will be tomorrow, Monday with matches over 300, 600, 800 and 900m.

Good luck to all the ladies teams and hoping for better weather tomorrow.





The ACT Ladies Team preparing at 600m


NSW Ladies – Champions


The NSW ladies team at 900 metres after yesterday winning  the Presidents match

Congratulations to the NSW ladies team who today had a clean sweep in the NRAA Ladies State Team matches shot at the McIntosh Range in Canberra. The NSW team won the Medlands match with a score of 977.85 from QLD on 966.82 over the four ranges.

This score combined with yesterday’s President match gave them the Grand Aggregate for the two days. (see below for a more detailed scorecard).

On an individual effort (and keeping it in the family), Congratulations to the Schwebel ladies for top scoring in the President and Medland matches and we should not forget the great effort by their coach Maureen Shepherd.

Overall it was a great effort by all the teams considering the weather, having wet gear and contending with hands that took on an appearance similar to spending too much time in the bath, ….. tough crew all these ladies.


Ladies - Summary

Tonight they can enjoy their presentation dinner, share in a drink and hopefully laugh away what they have endured for the past two days. Oh! and perhaps get their gear dry!!

All the best for future teams events.


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