Return to Play

15th July 2020

The Association has updated the Return to Play in a COVID-Safe Environment plan to allow club practices on the fullbore range (both BRC and CRC combined).
Members are no longer required to book to participate, and visitors are allowed with prior bookings and need to read the return to play document also.
Please contact the club email address if you need further information.

Resumption of club competition

Brief document

Social distancing of 1.5m will be enforced at all times. Do not gather in large groups.

Please read and understand the safe play document.

Any deviation from the safe play will result in the member being asked to leave.

The shoot will be run similar to a prize meeting with a range officer in control; notably if anyone cross-fires the Range Officer is to be called.

1. Arrive before 1.00pm and register to committee member at white board between 1.15 and 1.20pm;

2. Shooting will commence at 1.30pm. All members will be invoiced for the daily shoot.

3. Commence shooting when given the go ahead by RO and you have a scorer present. Remember red flag up on the mound means no firing.

4. Cancel sighters on monitor if not required. Scorer to remind shooter to cancel sighters.

5. Shooter to present rifle for clearing to the scorer in a manner the scorer does not need to touch the rifle and insert empty chamber indicator. Shooter remove gear from the mound and return to score.

6. At the completion of each shooter the scorer will check the shooters rifle is clear, confirm the score with the shooter, clean monitor and deliver the score verbally to the central score position.

7. New shooter will take to the mound once the monitors have been sanitized.

8. The new shooter will not commence until given the go ahead by the scorer.

9. The last scorer will pack the monitors into the trailer after they have been sanitized.

10. The bar will not be opened until all equipment is packed away. (Monitors, flags, targets) The bar will be cashless (ie EFTPOS only) and only 3 people at the bar ordering at any one time. Return to your seat and maintain 4 square metre rule.

For more information download this document

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