Riverina DRA OPM

17th May 2021

Some results from the weekend at Cootamunda (Results: https://www.results.nraa.com.au/no-9-riverina-dra-opm-2021-nsw-results/)



Dave Phipps FSA got a 2nd in 500(2) and 6th in Aggregate.

Brendon Crowe 3rd FSA Aggregate and came 1st in both 500 and 3rd at 600.

Cedric May FSB came 2nd in the Aggregate with a 1st in 500(1) with a 60.8 and got 2nd in 500(2) and 600.

Paul Krebs won the raffle for a rifle barrel fitment and a set of steak knives.

Shane Dowling F\TR 1st in Aggregate, 2nd in 500(1), 1st in 500(2) and 2nd in 600.



Sharon Dowling F\TR 3rd in Aggregate with 2nd in 500(2) and 1st in 600.

Stephen Sharp F\TR 2nd in Agregate with a 3rd in 500(1 & 2) and 600.


Goulburn rifle Club

Richard Brodie TR\B won all 3 stages and Aggregate.

Richard Baily F\O 1st Aggregate with 1st 600, 2nd 500(2).

William Bailey F\O with 1st 500(2) with 4th in Aggregate

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