Local Rules & Guidelines

Competition in Canberra Rifle Club complies with the NRAA Standard Shooting Rules HOWEVER there are some LOCAL RULES and guidelines to be noted for:

1. Manual for – eTarget Range Set Up Steps (pdf) – (currently being reviewed)

2. Club Evacuation Plan – download, complete the interactive form, use the ‘Submit’ button to email to the club, alternatively save and attach to your own email.

3. Using the ZERO Range – (currently being reviewed)

4. Target Marking

5. Information for the McIntosh Service Shoot – (currently being reviewed)

6. the Club Evacuation Plan – (currently being reviewed)

7. the Smoke Free Zone – (currently being reviewed)

8. Work Health and Safety

9. Safe Work Procedures

10. Snakes

11. Privacy Policy

and no doubt there will be more BUTT AIM to ‘Enjoy your Shooting’