Shooting Disciplines

The Canberra Rifle Club offers two main disciplines on a regular weekly basis; Target Rifle (TR) and F Class. The shortest distance is shot over is 300 metres. The longest distance is 900 metres and all shoots are conducted under the supervision of accredited range officers.

Full Bore Target Rifle

Full Bore Target Rifle (TR) uses a bolt-action single shot target rifle, shot off the elbows with the aid of a sling and aiming through iron peep sights. There are two calibres used; 308 or 223 calibre.

F Class

F Class is generally shot with the aid of a front rest or bi pod and rear bag, and aiming through a telescopic sight. Generally two calibres are used, 308 or 223 calibre, however this discipline provides for open class, which allows the shooter to use any calibre up to 8mm.

Shooting is conducted on the approved ICFRA target – Targets dimensions – (ICFRA target dimensions).

Other matches programmed throughout the year include Service – (see Service Shoots).